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    Any personal data that you supply to us will be processed in a file, with the aim (amongst other possibilities which would be specified in each case) of responding to any requests that you might make, sending you any information you require, as well as, where appropriate, administering your access to certain services or features of the Website. This processing shall be carried out by GARRIDO FORENSIC S.L., with its registered office at CALLE DE PÉREZ GALDÓS, Nº 4, 4º B – 28004 MADRID, as file controller. GARRIDO FORENSIC S.L. undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the personal information and to safeguard the exercise of your rights to view, correct, delete, and challenge, which you may exercise by sending an e-mail to INFO@GARRIDOFORENSIC.ES. Where necessary, in order to process your request, we may require you to supply a photocopy of your ID Card (DNI), passport, or any other valid document to identify yourself.

    In order to comply with the said aims, it may be necessary for us to pass on your information to GARRIDO FORENSIC S.L. (whose activities are related to the e-commerce, textiles, and finished garments sectors, as well as accessories of the foregoing), and as such it is our understanding that by registering and/or providing us with information through this Website or through other methods such as e-mail, you are expressly authorizing us to pass on your information to the said companies forming part of GARRIDO FORENSIC S.L..

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